donderdag 28 februari 2013

Social Media

I experience that here in the beautiful South companies don't use social media like Twitter and Linkedin for their benefit. There is so much more possible! I meet business people who are not on Linkedin. People who are unemployed and don't use the power of social media to find a new job. I meet organisations who do nothing on Twitter. Organisations where nobody is responsible for social media. Events without using the benefits of social media to make it a long lasting experience, rather than "just another event".

It is probably all about change, and in my vision change only happens if there is a urgency.
Is there no sense of urgency?

"What? No? Ok, that sounds strange reading the newspapers and thinking about the future ..... but well, if you say so."


Lets talk about money than! "Ah, now you are interested!" Using social media can save you money!

For example on your recruitment budget. Or your marketing and communication budget. It can even help with brand and reputation management (example: boat on fire where it was on Twitter before the yard knew it themselves, bad publicity about the fire ..... and no social media response from the yard. That can seriously damage your brand and the relationship with your clients). Social media will boost business development too. Well, it can effect all facets of an organisation for the better!

Why? When? Who? Where?

So what is your reason for the "n-eagerless" (not being eager :-)) to start using social media in your company?

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Rosalie zei

Hoi Marianne, ik heb ook gewerkt bij het bedrijf dat dit maakt:

Dat is pas goedkoop werven: via social media!

Rosalie zei

Hoi Marianne,
ik werkte hiervoor bij een bedrijf dat dit maakt:

dat is pas goedkoop werven en kosten besparen: via social media!