maandag 28 mei 2012

The Rhineland Way

The Rhineland Way | Jaap Peters

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Reintroducing a European style of organisation

The Rhineland Way, Jaap  Peters

The Rhineland Way was French philosopher Michel
Albert’s proposed answer to the Anglo-American style
of market capitalism that spread across the globe after
the demise of Communism in the early 1990s.

Today, in the wake of recent scandals and the crisis
in the banking industry, this alternative is more viable
 -- and more needed -- than ever before.

What does the Rhineland Way mean on a practical,
day-to-day working level?

How can we infuse our organisations and
working processes with a little
Rhineland spirit?

Jaap Peters and Mathieu Weggeman, champions of the
Rhineland Way since its inception, give you a few
insightful pointers and examples of what it means to
work with principles instead of rules, to trust the skilled
craftsman and to focus on primary processes.

They also sketch a helpful framework you can use as a
starting point to bring about similar changes in your
own company. An organisation should not be just
a money-making machine, but a place where skilled
workers enjoy the beauty of craftsmanship
to satisfy their customers.

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