woensdag 23 november 2011

The future generation

Just read this on Twitter. The article raised a lot of questions. Questions I worked with in the Netherlands at de Baak. Can current management meet future challenges? Can current management be trained to meet future challenges? And ... can current management, with the values and believes they have, work with the new generation on career management?

"Our research past and present has shown that many managers believe young people lack the necessary workplace skills and employability traits required by organizations today".

Wow, that is a tricky one if you believe this is true. Are you a manager who thinks like this? May I suggest that you try to see it differently? After all, what has formed this belief that you have? How do you then interact with the new generation if you think this is true?

Your way is the only way?

Be aware of the threats. You are not the future! They are!

And with their skills they will invent new school leadership! They will have to, because the challenges they have to deal with can't be dealt with by old school management. Young people will be pushed in the 'old school management' way of thinking if you, being a manager, are not aware. Maybe it will be easier to manage that on the short term, but it won't help your organisation to meet future challenges.

I believe young people have all the skills and traits they need! Creating another future means doing things differently than you did before. Young people bring those "different things" into your organisation. Embrace it!

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