woensdag 13 maart 2013

Young Enterprise & Me

Now celebrating it’s 50th anniversary Young Enterprise (YE) is the UK’s leading business and enterprise education charity. Their mission is to build a connected world of young people, business volunteers, educators and communities to inspire each other to succeed through enterprise. YE’s vision is that all young people should have the opportunity to gain personal experience and understanding of how business works and the role it plays in providing employment and creating prosperity in their regions and communities.

More inspiration? Visit www.young-enterprise.org.uk

Young Enterprise Dorset "Enterprise Education" Event
Friday, 22 March 2013
3.30 - 7.30 pm

"This event is called Enterprise Education because it is all about just that! It is an educational but fun event about Enterprise - Young Enterprise, New Enterprises, Enterprising attitudes and Social Enterprise! The afternoon will bring together young people, new businesses, social enterprises, support organisations, volunteers and experienced businesses to share their lessons and successes. It will include table topics, presentations and sharing of ideas and best practice."

 ...... And I will 'lead' and facilitate one of the table topics: looking forward to that already! The topic I will bring to the table will be "how to create an entrepreneurial environment at your workplace". I will have to think about how to facilitate it, because we only have 30 minutes. When I worked at de Baak on this entrepreneurship topic, we did programs for a few days ....  still not having all the answers at the end :-) And that is a good thing I belief, as you can read on my Linkedin page

"My approach is open, energetic, honest, direct. In the process I generate more questions than that I give answers because I believe that asking questions, being curious creates awareness and is therefor a powerful way to develop as an individual or organisation."

And YES I know how frustrated it can be to not get an answer to a question. And YES, I get angry too if someone always returns my question with another question. And YES, I know that it sometimes feels that you can't go further without having an answer. And YES, we need answers to questions too -at least that is what we think- ..... But only every now and then. To make us feel confident, acknowledged, safe, quicker, ...  I totally understand that. But believe me: if you want to explore the topic entrepreneurship, especially in a corporate work environment, a 'question - answer attitude' won't evoke the entrepreneurial behavior in yourself and others. It won't give you the right mindset and toolkit to create an entrepreneurial environment at your workplace. Giving answers certainly won't make the other "be the best he/she can be" for I believe that every human being has all the 'answers' within themselves. And there is no 'universal' answer to any question. And I can only add value by asking  ..... questions. Not by giving my answers!

And now back to the 22 of March were I will be on my table with this entrepreneurial & workplace topic. Hopefully with a lot of participants joining me. Discussing this "how to create an entrepreneurial environment at your workplace" in only 30 minutes ..... I have a 1000 questions already! :-) 

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