woensdag 13 maart 2013

Entrepreneurial Education

I just read this article from Fintan Donohue:

"There is a wide consensus that entrepreneurship is the key to Europe’s economic future, which the European Commission has added to with its important Entrepreneurship Act 2020, published yesterday. What is particularly encouraging is that the report recognises the key role education has to play in that entrepreneurial future." 

A few weeks ago I started to deliver Employability programs for Young Entreprise in schools in Poole and Bournemouth. Very challenging -in a positive way- to work with other participants than I used to work with at de Baak in the Netherlands. Teenagers instead of grown ups. I like it! I always said that "to unlearn", that is what we do and did at de Baak, is harder than "to learn'. Working with this young - I admit, using this word says more about my age than theirs :-)- group of people gives me the opportunity to really contribute to 'shape' someones working future. If you learn, by creating awareness, at a very young age about your set of skills, about how they can work for you, it can really give you an advantage in life, in work. And developing an entrepreneurial attitude will open doors too.

"Entrepreneurial education is not just about training people to be business founders, though that is vital, and we need them. It goes further than that, and is about equipping all young people to be better employees - more resourceful, creative and self-sufficient presences in the workplace. It is about helping young people unlock their innate capabilities, and providing a pipeline of exciting new talent to existing businesses, as well as inspiring the next generation of start-up founders." 

Hear, hear! I couldn't say it better.

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